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High BP can increase the risk of heart attack know how to take care of…

Many types of diseases occur in the body due to increased high blood pressure, but do you know that due to high BP, the chances of heart attack also increase. If your BP remains high then there is a need to be cautious, as it increases the risk of heart attack. So let us know whether there is a risk of heart attack if BP is high.

If the headache persists and there is difficulty in breathing or a feeling of heaviness in the chest, then these can also be symptoms of blood pressure disease. Many times red spots occur on the skin due to high BP. If these red spots appear along with other symptoms, it can be a warning sign. Sudden swelling in the feet is also a sign of BP.

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Having high blood pressure also increases the risk of heart attack to stroke. It damages the blood vessels of the body due to high blood pressure. This is the reason why the risk of brain damage also increases. Apart from this, having a brain stroke also affects the patient’s voice. There is every possibility of worsening of mental condition.

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Apart from this, there can also be a problem of short memory due to high BP. Actually, its effect on the brain can also reduce memory. Along with this, if there is a problem of high blood pressure for a long time, then your short term memory can be removed.

Know how to protect yourself from high BP

You can reduce the problem of high blood pressure by keeping your diet balanced. For high blood pressure, you should try to reduce the intake of harmful things like fats, whole grains and fish etc. Limit sodium intake and avoid packaged foods.

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Regular exercise helps to get rid of the problem of high blood pressure. It can be controlled to a great extent by exercising daily for at least 1 hour a day. Even walking 30 minutes a day can reduce high blood pressure by 4 to 9 mm Hg.

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