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Heel Pain Causes Reasons Why You Feel Pain In The Ankles While Walking

Pain in Back of Heel: Only after the age of 30 of us, some people feel pain in the ankles while walking. This problem of some people increases so much that they are seen limping, that is, trying to walk on one leg so that the weight of the foot in which the heel is painful does not fall on it and the pain does not start increasing. In such a situation, have you ever thought that what is the main cause of pain. Why are you facing this pain problem?

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In such a situation, you do the work of baking the place of pain with hot water or ice or get relief at that time by applying some gel, but this problem comes back in no time, in such a situation it is important for you to know that after all this problem Why do you have to face it again and again? Let us know the causes of severe pain in the heel.

simple causes of pain
calcium deficiency
hard exercise

some serious causes of pain
planter fuchsia
Actually, the plantar fascia is a type of band of tissue that helps to drive the arch of your foot towards the china. It connects the toes to the heel. It helps in absorbing the shock of your foot. At the same time, due to repeated pressure from walking or running, swelling starts coming in it. Due to which you start feeling severe pain in the heel in the morning after standing or sitting.

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Achilles tendon
The largest part of your body is the Achilles tendon which connects your calves to the heel bone. This happens because of activities you like jogging and walking. Tight muscles of the calves can also cause pain in it, so if you have more heel pain, then definitely consult a doctor once.

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