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Heart Problem Is This Kind Of Restlessness Happening In Your Body Parts So…

Heart Problem: Many times there is such restlessness in our body that we mostly ignore. But do you know that if the heart is getting sick in our body, then its effect starts appearing on the hands and feet as well. Restlessness starts in the body part. People often associate heartburn with indigestion as it is a common occurrence. Discomfort in the form of a burning sensation in the chest or abdomen is a sign of a heart-related problem, although it is almost impossible to tell clearly whether it is heart-related or a gastrointestinal problem. If the discomfort does not subside, seek medical help without delay.

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A feeling of heaviness around the chest is a sign of a heart-related problem. Heaviness, tightness and an extra pressure in the chest are mostly seen as the primary signs of a heart attack. Please see a doctor if the crushing pain in your chest is becoming unbearable and recurring. Because it can also be a sign of heart attack.

During a heart attack, the pain is not in the chest, it arises rapidly. If you are experiencing jaw and neck pain, call an emergency helpline and seek medical help. Jaw pain is often misdiagnosed, but if they are accompanied by dizziness and numbness, the patient should be taken to the hospital.

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It is commonly seen in women. In this condition the patient becomes restless and there is a possibility of vomiting before chest pain is felt. This sign is distantly associated with heart problems but is seen in many patients. Therefore, discomfort in the abdominal area that may seem like bloating or gas build-up should not be ignored.

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