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Heart Check-Up When Should I Get A Heart Check-up Done To Ensure I Do Not…

Heart Attack Symptoms: You must have heard about the critical condition of comedian and actor Raju Srivastava due to heart attack during Treadmill. After which he was immediately admitted to the hospital for treatment. Raju was kept on the ventilator machine for a long time. After which his condition is not good till now. This is not the first instance that a person has suddenly had a heart attack while working out.

In the past, there have been many such cases in which young people have suffered a heart attack or cardiac arrest while using a treadmill or working out and died on the spot. Yes, today we are telling you some such reasons due to which these incidents are becoming common. Along with this, it will also tell when and at how many intervals what kind of checkups you should do to avoid these common occurrences.

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In today’s run-of-the-mill lifestyle, people are running day and night in the gym to keep themselves fit. Let us tell you that apart from your poor lifestyle and diet, there can be many other reasons, due to which you may have to face problems like heart attack or cardiac arrest. Let us know these causes and remedies (Symptoms and Remedies).

Know here the causes of cardiac arrest and heart attack
Somebody already has heart problem in the family
thickening of heart veins
heart pump not working properly
rapid heartbeat
using protein powder

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Know here at how many intervals and which tests to get done
First of all, as soon as you cross the age of 30, you should get these tests done, which include sugar, liver, kidney and ECG.
If you do gym or workout, then definitely get your heart and cardiac checkup done by the doctor.
Get stress test done after 40 years of age
Treadmill Test (TMT) is also necessary
People above 20 years of age should have blood sugar, ECG, lipid profile test
Every year smokers, diabetic and obese people should undergo stress test

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Keep in mind that do workouts and treadmills according to your ability
If you take protein supplements during gym, then check the ingredients
Get a cardiac checkup done before participating in a marathon or any race

cause of death
Let us tell you that if cardiac arrest or heart attack comes while doing workout or treadmill, then if that patient is not treated in the first 6 minutes then he can also die.

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