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Heart Attack 12 Symptoms Emerge In Women Before A Month

Heart Problem: Heart disease is a disease related to lifestyle. Diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity start arising due to bad lifestyle. Their direct link is related to the heart. The heart gives many indications before a heart attack occurs. Dil tries to tell that he is having trouble. If they are recognized in time, then the heart can be saved from cheating. Today we will talk about such symptoms, which emerge about a month before the heart attack.

Research done on 500 women

The study was published in the journal Circulation. It was revealed in the study that many types of symptoms emerge before the heart attack. More than 500 women were included in the research. There was a possibility of heart attack in these women. But the expert started the treatment after seeing their symptoms. Women survived from heart attack. 95 percent of the women involved in the research said that everything was not feeling well a month before the heart attack. 71 percent reported fatigue as a common symptom, 48 percent said they had trouble sleeping. Some women started having chest pain. This was seen as pressure, pain, tightness in the chest.

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Must recognize these 12 heart symptoms

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  1. unusual tiredness
  2. be restless
  3. respiratory distress
  4. indigestion
  5. anxiety
  6. increased heart rate
  7. weakness in hands
  8. change in thinking habits
  9. change in vision
  10. loss of appetite
  11. tingling hands
  12. trouble breathing at night

1.7 crore people die every year

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about one crore 70 lakh people die every year in the world due to heart disease. Most of the deaths in heart problems are due to heart attack and heart stroke. Doctors say that heart diseases are silent killers. Because normally there are no symptoms related to heart attack. There are lakhs of heart patients in India too.

take care of the heart to the rescue

On seeing the symptoms, one should go to the doctor immediately. Apart from this, the sugar level should be controlled. Blood pressure should not remain high. Get tested for high cholesterol as well. These diseases increase the chances of heart attack. Apart from this, habits like obesity, smoking, junk food, drinking alcohol are also dangerous for heart health.

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