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Healthy Kalakand Recipe: Know The Recipe Of Healthy Kalakand

Festive Sweet Recipe: If you do not want to allow adulterated sweets to bring you home during this festival, then today’s recipe is for you. Yes, today we will tell you about the recipe of sweets prepared at home, Kalakand. You can prepare it with ingredients present at home, so let’s know the recipe of healthy Kalakand.

Ingredients needed to make Healthy Kalakand
2 liters full cream milk
Maple syrup
cardamom powder
Desi Ghee
chopped almonds
chopped pistachios
Lemon juice

how to make healthy fondant
To make Kalakand at home, first prepare the chhena. For this, heat 1 liter of milk in a vessel, when it boils, then turn it off. When it is medium hot, add lemon juice little by little and mix it. After sometime the milk will burst into chenna. Now filter it in a muslin cloth, wash it with clean water and leave it to cool.
Now put 1 liter of milk in another vessel and heat it and keep stirring till it becomes half. Now put chenna in it and stir it. After a while the milk will dry up and start thickening. Then add maple syrup and cardamom powder to it and cook the milk till it dries completely.

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When you feel that the grainy mixture is ready, add ghee to it and stir. When the batter is ready to give the shape of sweets, then switch off the gas. Now take a plate or square shaped vessel and grease it with ghee and turn the mixture over and spread the mixture evenly.

Now sprinkle chopped almonds and pistachios on it and press them lightly so that they stick in the dessert. Now keep it in the fridge to set for 2 hours. Finally, cut it into desired shape with the help of a knife and your healthy kalakand is ready.

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