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Healthy Diet Tips Do Not Eat These 5 Foods In Dinner

Dinner Food: Many times people eat anything at night after a day’s hustle and bustle. Doing so can be very harmful to your health. Because dinner is very important for our day to day conversation. Ayurveda also says that by eating light at night, your digestion is good and sleep is also good. Which makes you fresh and energetic during the day. So if you have also made these 5 food items a part of your diet after evening, then leave this habit from today itself.

quit spicy food today

Where Indian food is complete without spices, but if you eat spicy and spicy food at night, then leave it from today itself. Because the oil and ghee used in this food are very dangerous. Eating this can cause burning in your chest. Heart-related diseases may also surround you in future. Therefore, spicy food should be avoided at night.

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Beware of Chicken-Mutton-Biryani

If you are fond of eating Chicken-Mutton Biryani at night, then be careful because it is not good for your health. The amount of calories and fat in such food is high. Talking about Mutton Biryani only, there are 500-700 calories in a small serving. Its digestion takes more time and it can also spoil your daily routine.

Pakoda will increase trouble

If after 7 o’clock in the evening you feel tempted to see pakodas, then do not listen to them. It is not good for your stomach at all. The dumplings are fried in oil for a long time. It acts like acid food. Eating it at night can cause stomach irritation. It can also disturb your sleep which is the root of many diseases.

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Distance from sweets, important for health

Who doesn’t like to eat sweets? But if it is eaten at night, it can cause a lot of harm to your body. Eating it at night makes it difficult to digest food. Your sleeping pattern may also be hindered. Sweets should also not be consumed after 7 pm, as it can hinder your body’s sleep pattern. Consuming sweets after dinner makes it difficult to digest food. In the body it acts as a stimulant and does not let you sleep.

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Avoid drinking coffee at night

Often, many people drink coffee when they do not sleep at night. If you do this too, then avoid doing so. Because when you drink caffeinated beverages like tea, coffee or green tea it affects your night’s sleep. Therefore, drinking coffee at night should be avoided.

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