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Health Tips These Food Items Have A Bad Effect On The Brain Memory Can Be…

Brain Health: Brain is an important part of the body. To make the body work properly, it is necessary for the mind to be right. That’s why special care should be taken of this part. Balance and healthy food is very important for the brain. But there are some food items that can make your mind hollow, weaken your memory. Let us know about such food items which should not be eaten.

sweet foods

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It is not good to eat excessively sweet food for our health. It can also cause a lot of damage to the brain. Eating more sweets has a negative effect on the brain. Eating too much sugar can increase insulin resistance in the brain, which can have negative effects on learning, memory and neuron development.


Drinking too much alcohol is also not good for the brain. This can worsen mental health. Drinking alcohol can cause not only liver and stomach problems but also reduction in brain volume, changes in metabolism and problems in neurotransmitters.

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refined carbs

Do you know that eating refined carbs like roti, pasta, cookies can also make the brain hollow. None of these food items are rich in fiber and nutrients. This is the reason that all these get digested quickly. Sugar and insulin level also increases by eating them. Many high glycemic index ie GI found in refined carbs food can weaken your memory.

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trans fat

Trans fat has always been harmful for the brain. It is a type of unsaturated fat, which has a bad effect on the brain. Eating trans fat can cause inflammation in the brain. This can slow down the productivity and neuronal activities of the brain. Trans fats are found in meat, dairy products and vegetable oils available in the markets.

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