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Health Tips Know How Many Days After Opening The Eye Drops Can Be Used

Eye Drop Precautions: The level of air pollution is increasing continuously. This is the reason why problems related to the eyes have started happening. Excessive use of mobile, TV has also become an enemy of the eyes. The result of this is that nowadays glasses are worn even at a young age. Most people use Eye Drop. But do you know how long eye drops can be used after opening.

read the eye drop precautions

Actually, Eye Drop Precaution is written on many eye drops that it should not be used after 28 days of opening. However, many people either ignore it or are unable to pay attention to it. If the medicine is used after 28 days of opening the seal of the bottle, it can cause serious damage to the eyes. Sometimes using the medicine for a long time can also lead to loss of eyesight.

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Can you use eye drops after 28 days

According to eye experts, eye drops should not be used after 28 days of opening. Since our eyes are very delicate and the eye drop bottle is also sensitive. If it is used after a month of opening the eye drop, then there is a risk of infection. Actually, to keep the content of eye drops safe, preservatives are used in it. Preservatives are used to protect the eye drops from contamination by bacteria, virus or fungus.

It is used in most medicines. Due to preservatives, bacteria, virus or fungus in medicines slow down or do not happen at all.

In how many days does the medicine get spoiled?

According to the health expert, for how many days a medicine will remain safe from the contamination of these micro-organisms, it is written on the leaf of the bottle. Most of the medicines remain infection free for a long time, but some eye drops are instructed not to be used after 28 days of opening. Doctors say that after a certain time after opening the seal, the eye drop becomes contaminated. In such a situation, there is a risk of infection due to its use. Because the life of preservatives used in medicine is also the same.

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What will happen if you use eye drops after 28 days?

According to the doctor, if it is used after 28 days of opening the seal of the eye drop, then there is a risk of many types of infections. The biggest danger is to the pupil of the eye. Sometimes the black pupil turns white and the pupil gets stained forever. Apart from this, there is also a risk of conjunctivitis infection. If the condition is serious, it can even go to the eyesight. Doctors tell that there are many such cases in which the pupil of the patient has been damaged.

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Symptoms of infected drug

Redness begins to appear in the eyes

eyes start watering more

pain in the eyes

How to use eye drops

According to health experts, hands should be cleaned before using eye drops. Hands should also be washed after using eye drops. One month after opening the bottle, it should be thrown in a safe place. Eye drops should always be kept in a clean place.

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