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Health Tips Blood Clots Can Be Dangerous Know Effects

Blood Clot Effect: When we get hurt, our body gets blood clots within a short time, which is also known as blood clotting. A little bit of blood also comes out when there is an injury. Our blood has such a property, due to which the blood coagulates in a short time and does not bleed much after injury. Due to which our life is saved. This is necessary for our body. But sometimes this blood clotting can also be fatal. Blood clot can also reach the heart by becoming a clot in the blood vessel and artery. It can be even more dangerous. Know how dangerous are blood clots for health?

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blood clots in hands and feet

Many times due to stinging of something in our body, blood comes out from the skin and freezes. During this, symptoms of swelling, brown colored blisters, painful veins, etc. can be seen at the place of injury. If you see any similar symptoms, then be careful, these blood clots can prove to be dangerous for your heart and lungs.

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clotting in the heart

Severe pain in the chest, sweating and difficulty in breathing are symptoms of heart clot, in which case you are also at risk of heart attack. If you have any such problem then you must see the doctor.

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other types of clots

Clots of hands and feet are dangerous for our body. At the same time, blood clots are also caused by the nerve that drains blood from the intestine in the belly. Which can prove to be very dangerous. If you are having pain in your stomach and you are feeling nausea, then get it checked once and consult the doctors.

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