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Health Care Tips Ayurvedic Water Help With Itching In Hindi

Health Care TipsWhere there are many good experiences of change in the weather, then many diseases and the risk of infection also comes along. Most of this includes dengue, malaria, fever, cold and cold etc. At the same time, most of the skin infections occur in rain, especially itching all over the body.

Due to the increase in moisture in the monsoon, the problem of skin infection or itching starts. In such a situation, now you do not have to worry about fungal infection in the rain, because to avoid this, we have brought some great natural tips for you.

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Mix this in bath water

You will not get any kind of infection by taking bath by mixing Ayurvedic things in the bath water daily. You come across many types of anti bacterial soaps and body washes from the market. The expenditure on this is also high and they do not get that much relief. In such a situation, use some natural things, so that you stay away from infection.

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Neem leaves water is effective

To get rid of the problem of itching, add neem leaves to the bath water. Neem has natural anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. For this, first clean the neem leaves and boil neem leaves in water for about 10 minutes. Now mix it in the bath water. Take a bath with this water two to three times a week.

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apple cider vinegar

Taking a bath with apple cider vinegar water is very beneficial. This water also gets rid of the bad smell coming from the body. For this, mix five spoons of apple cider vinegar in a bucket of water. Take bath daily with this water. Please consult your doctor before using this water. At the same time, if you are facing any kind of physical problem, then do a patch test first.

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