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Have you facing urinary tract infection try these tips to prevent…

If there is frequent urination, do not ignore it, it can be a symptom of UTI infection. Due to this infection, there is also a burning sensation while urinating. This problem can be avoided by improving diet and eating habits. But some people have frequent and frequent urination and often complain of burning and pain in urination. These problems in urination can be due to UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) ie urinary tract infection.

According to Sitaram Bhartiya Institute of Science and Research, urinary tract infection occurs when bacteria collect in any part of the urethra. If these bacteria build up in the urethra, they can cause inflammation and irritation. Women are more prone to infection in UTI than men. Often people feel a burning sensation in urination due to this infection.

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Causes of UTI Infection: There can be many other reasons for pain and burning while urinating, such as due to the consumption of drugs, cysts in the ovary or kidney stones, vaginal infection, any chemical, sexually transmitted infection, radiation therapy in the pelvic area. Urinary catheter can also cause burning sensation in urine. If you also have frequent urination and are also worried about burning sensation with it, then include some special foods in the diet. You will get relief from burning and pain in urine.

Consume Yogurt or Probiotic: Bacteria are the main cause of urinary tract infection. There can be many reasons for the growth of bacteria in the urethra. Lack of cleanliness, any disease etc. Along with all this, when there is a shortage of good bacteria in the body, then bad bacteria start to grow more. In such a situation, by consuming curd or probiotic, you can increase the number of good bacteria, which can be helpful in eliminating bad bacteria.

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Drink enough water: Although life cannot be imagined without water, but for a healthy life, it is necessary to consume enough water. If there is a lack of water in the body, then the chances of bacteria growing in the urethra increases. According to a research by NCBI, it is advisable to drink enough water in the problem of UTI. Therefore, drink enough water in problems like burning in urination.

Consume gooseberry: The properties of gooseberry or cranberry have been described in Ayurveda. Cranberry is used to treat many diseases. But a research by the National Center for Biotechnology Information has confirmed that consuming gooseberry can reduce burning or swelling in the urine. According to research, cranberry has the power to eliminate bad bacteria, due to which burning in urine can be relieved very quickly.

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Fruit intake: Fresh fruits are essential for a healthy life. It not only saves us from getting many diseases but it is also helpful in eliminating many diseases. Regular consumption of fresh fruit prevents urinary tract infections. It can reduce burning and swelling in urination. Orange juice is most commonly consumed by people for burning in urine.

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