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Happy Independence Day 2022 Quotes Of Freedom Fighters Inspiring Quotes…

Quotes For Independence Day: Do not know how many brave sons have sacrificed their lives to get freedom for India. Whenever we celebrate independence, we remember thousands of Diwans like Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Bismil and Ashfaq Ullah Khan. For them nothing was above the country. If someone hanged for freedom, someone ate bullets on the chest. On the occasion of Independence Day, we have brought some lines written by him for you, reading which you will also be filled with patriotism.

1- He is always worried about what is new pattern…
He is always worried about what is new pattern
We have this hobby, see what is the fate of Sitam
Why be angry with Dahar, why should you humiliate the charkha?
sara jahan adu right come compete
Bhagat Singh

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2- Koi Dum ka mehmaan hoon ek ahle mehfil…
koi dum ka mehman hoon ek ahle mehfil
I am a pasture city, I want to extinguish
The electricity of my thoughts will remain in the air
This Muste is Khak, don’t stay Fani
Bhagat Singh

3- We have the spirit of patriotism in our hearts now…
We have the spirit of patriotism in our hearts now
Have to see how much power is in Baaju-e-Killer
Why doesn’t the other talk something,
I see whom she is silent in your gathering
bismil azimabadi

4- A Shaheed-e-Mulk-o-Millat, I dwell on you…
O Shaheed-e-Mulk-o-Millat, I am on you,
Now the discussion of your courage is in the gathering of non
We have the spirit of patriotism in our hearts now
Let the time come, I will tell you, O sky,
bismil azimabadi

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5- We will face the bullets of the enemy…
We will face enemy bullets
have been free, will remain free
Chandrashekhar Azad

6- The Gulshan which was inhabited in the past
I am the dry branch of the ruined Gulistan
Ashfaqulla Khan

7- Fairs will be held every year at the tombs of the martyrs.
Fairs will be held every year at the tombs of the martyrs
This will be the rest of the traces of those who die on their homeland.
Ashfaqulla Khan

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8- Make yourself so high that before every fate,
Ask God to God, tell me what is your raza.
allama iqbal

9- There is some thing that our personality does not fade away
Enemy tour where we have been for centuries
allama iqbal

10 –All where better, India is ours,
We are the bubbles of it, these balloons are ours
allama iqbal

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