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Happy Geeta Jayanti 2022 Wishes GIF Whatsapp Facebook Messages Bhagavad…

Happy Geeta Jayanti 2022 Wishes: Geeta Jayanti will also be celebrated on the day of Mokshada Ekadashi i.e. on 3 December 2022. Lord Krishna has told the art of living life in Gita. Reciting Gita daily has been considered very fruitful in getting rid of the bondage of worldly attachment. It is said that in Kurukshetra, when Arjuna had backed away from fighting the war after seeing his loved ones, Krishna had explained to him the difference between right good and bad, sin and virtue by preaching the Gita, after which Arjuna won the battle.

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Geeta Jayanti is celebrated every year on the Ekadashi date of Shukla Paksha of Marshish month, Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta has an important place in people’s life. On this auspicious occasion, you can also wish your friends and relatives with these special messages of Geeta Jayanti.

who acquired the knowledge of the Gita
think he crossed the whole world

Life is empty without Gita,
follow its rules everyday
wish you the best,
Today is the day of Gita Jayanti

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believe in your efforts
Adopt the knowledge of Gita every day
all your obstacles will be removed
say jai krishna, jai radha

never be sad in life
This life will go on like a struggle
just don’t lose your way of life

what happened is good
what is happening is happening well
whatever happens will be good

if you don’t have the right words
so just smile
words confuse but a smile works

one who understands the pain of others
surely the sorrow of such a man
god himself takes away

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Giving courage to an Arjuna by becoming Krishna
If you have got life, live it according to Bhagavad Gita

Geeta Jayanti 2022: These 5 things of Geeta show the way to overcome the crisis, every problem goes away

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