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Hair Loss Alopecia Areata Disease Person Becomes Bald

Hair Loss Treatment: You must remember that incident of Oscar award program. When Hollywood actor Will Smith made an unhelpful comment, anchoring actor Chris Rock about Janda Pinkett Smith’s hair loss. Will Smith got so angry at this comment that he slapped Chris Rock. Chris Rock’s comment was about Janda Pickett’s baldness and this offended Will Smith. Janda Pickett was battling this disease for years. Due to illness, there was no hair on his head. Let us know what is the disease, due to which not even a single hair is left on the head.

A person becomes bald from alopecia areata

Hair fall is a common problem. Hair falls more in the monsoon season. It decreases in winter. This is a process of the body for breaking of old hair and coming of new hair. But in the disease, the growth of hair does not happen as fast as it falls. Alopecia areata is one such disease. It is an auto immune disease. Hormonal imbalance, diabetes, depression, anemia, polycystic, ovarian disease, thyroid can lead to alopecia areata disease. It can be a woman or a man. It also causes rashes on the head.

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What is autoimmune disease

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Every person’s body has an immune system to prevent disease. This immune system fights with any bacteria, virus or other element that attacks from outside. But many times the body is unable to identify good and bad bacteria in this situation and starts attacking the defense guards of its own immune system.

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Hair loss can occur on any part

Generally, when there is an infection, the hair falls only at a particular place. But this is not the case with alopecia areata. In this, hair can fall on any part of the body. However, the satisfactory thing is that the hair follicles remain in the disease. Due to this, there is a possibility of their coming again through various therapies. According to a study by the British Thyroid Foundation, alopecia areata is most common in people with autoimmune thyroid diseases.

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15 crore people affected in the world

This disease is a matter of concern globally. According to a research by the National Center of Biotechnology Information ((NCBI)), about 156 million i.e. more than 15 crore people are affected by this disease. Generally, people use homeopathy medicine to prevent this disease.

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