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Gulab Jamun Bajji Recipe With Video

Gulab Jamun Bajji : The biryani of Hyderabad is very famous. You will find it easily in almost every corner of India, but it has a different taste in Hyderabad. The aroma of biryani here attracts you towards it. At the same time, the stuffing of brinjal prepared from sesame, groundnut and tamarind is also very special. But if you have a desire to eat something different and different or if you feel like eating sweet and spicy together, then eat Gulab Jamun Bhajji. Yes, you may feel strange after hearing a little, but here you will find this special kind of bhajiya in which along with sour-sweet taste, you can also taste the taste of gulab jamun.

Food blogger shared this unique recipe

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This bhajji has been shared by a food blogger from Hyderabad, in which food blogger foodie_konkan has shown this bhajji being prepared at a food point. Let us know how Gulab Jamun Bhajji is prepared –

  • First of all, Gulab Jamun was deep fried by wrapping it in gram flour.
  • After this, onions, massage, bhujia, peanuts and some massage have been put on it after cutting it in half. A little coriander has also been put on top.
  • The blogger has also made a video while eating this dish, in which he has described it as very tasty.

Also try Gulab Jamun Burger

    • Apart from Gulab Jamun Bhajji, another food blog nidamalik3580 has shared a different video, in which Gulab Jamun Burger has been prepared.

  • It is being shown in this video that the vendor takes a bun and cuts it into two halves. After this one puts gulab jamun on this bun and then fry it.

If you want to try something different then you can try this recipe. But if you like Gulab Jamun a lot, then eat it as it is. Eating this way can also spoil your taste.

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