Helpful Guitar Tips for Beginner- Chord Progression And The Circle Of fifths

chord progression
Written by Altaf Shaikh

When it comes to accompanying a song chord progression are the necessary building blocks of songs, which play out through the track and gives it a nice melodious sound. Whether it’s a piano or guitar every instrument has to follow the chords patterns to give it a harmonized sound which is pleasant to the ear.

Now the Interesting fact is that music theory for the entire instrument is same, whether it’s a piano, violin or guitar.

Once you learn the music theory, for example how music forms, how the notes combine together to form chords, how chord progressions are form and all of this stuff. Your ability to create or play the music will eventually increase.

It is not easy to learn the music theory overnight, it takes years of practice and dedication to master the skill of music theory, However for instance, if you want to play some of your favorite songs within a short period of time, you can follow some the basic tips given here.

You may have noticed that the majority of songs that we listen are basically made of Chord combinations of Major and Minor chords.

Well, the other chords like seventh, suspension and diminished chords are rarely used, and it totally depends upon the composer.

However, you’ll definitely find songs which are only made of basic major and minor chords. So usually you’ll able to play some of the easy and common songs by learning just Some few Simple Major and Minor Chords.

Do You know Every Major chord has its related Minor chord?

According to the musical theory, there is 8 type of notation available, i.e; A, B, C, D, E, F, G, A(Octave). Every Chord is made of a combination of three notes, we also call it a triad. Major triad and minor triad.

Before you continue to the chord progressions, it is recommended that you learn to hold each and every chord properly and get comfortable with moving and changing the chords fluently.

Read this If you want to Learn How to build Guitar Chord Progression from a Scale.

Chord Progression And The Circle Of Fifths

chord progression

The Circle Above is known as Circle of Fifths,

You’ll see that there are some Capital letters and below them, capital and small letters combined Written in each and every block which resemblance the Major chord and Minor Chord.

Each Chord has its relative minor chord below it. therefore for the C major chord, the relative minor chord is A minor(Am) Chord.

Practice rhythm using the circle of fifths, it will make easier for you to learn the chord progression and thus you can easily able to determine which chord is going to come while accompanying a song.

How to use the circle of fifths:-

First, choose any one chords which will be your root Chord, for example, let’s take C major.

Now the chords left and right of C is its related major chord, therefore F and G. you can play C major chord progression by following this formula of the circle of fifths.

Play C Major chord and then play F major chord and then play G major chord, now combine their related minor chords.

Therefore, C major,>A minor(Am),>F major,>D minor(Dm),>G major,>E minor(Em) And Again repeat.

In this way, you can practice chord progression and by choosing the root chord first.

And finally, practice hard and play hard, hope you find this useful, do comment below if you have anything to share with our readers, will be highly appreciated and thank you for visiting.

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