Guitar Exercises To Play Guitar At Your Best On Stage Situation

play Guitar at your best on stage situation
Written by Altaf Shaikh

Performing On stage situation and playing guitar at home is like getting blood from a stone. To play Guitar at your best on stage situation required lots of practice and exercises, every lessons and exercise have its own areas for improvements whether it’s a finger picking exercise or chord progressions.

Now the question is how will you test yourself how well you can play something on guitar. The best answer to this question is to play guitar in front of other people without making embarrassing mistakes, Play guitar on stage effectively without any mistakes.Playing guitar consistently and accurately near your best even if it’s your worst days.

To Play Guitar effectively on Stage Situation, You must Practice the given guitar lessons and exercises at your highest level.

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Guitar Exercises to Improve Guitar Playing on Stage Situations

The given guitar playing training exercises will prepare you for performing live on stage situations, practice each of the exercises If possible use metronome or drum backing track.

Play Guitar While Sanding

play Guitar at your best on stage situation

Choose your guitar licks or any track you want to master and play it while Standing, repeat the exercise for 6 times, you can increase the repetition according to your difficulty level.In real on stage situation, you must have to stand to play guitar, while practicing this exercise you’ll experience that playing guitar while standing is more difficult than playing while sitting, This exercise will make you more confident whenever you’re performing on stage.

Make Cool Arm And Hand Gestures

play Guitar at your best on stage situation

Practice your stage presence while playing your track that you’ve chosen in the previous step, for example making cool arm and hand gesture to the audience lifting guitar up in the air etc. Repeat this exercise for about 10 times in a row. This exercise is very useful for building a habit for good on stage live performances.

Play Guitar While Walking Around

play Guitar at your best on stage situation

While playing your lick walk around the room, do it for 6 to 10 times, it’s one of the basic and important on stage movement. On stage musical performance is all about coordination with other musician and fluency, for better stage performance along with better coordination with the musician makes the show hit, Mastering this element helps you create better stage presence.

Play Guitar While keeping Your Eyes Closed

Play Guitar while Walking Around Google Search-min

Play your lick keeping your eyes closed, it’s a bit difficult although a little mistake will happen, with continued practice and repetition perfection can be gained. Practice this exercise while standing as well as sitting. Most of the guitarist make mistakes while playing on stage due to blindness occurred because of blinding light and often pitch-dark stages, you might not able to see your hands while performing on stage, and by practicing this exercise you’ll  be less dependent on your eyesight, this will help you play well even if you can not see clearly.

Increase the Metronome

play Guitar at your best on stage situation


In this step play your licks faster than your top speed of consistent playing. Repeat all the Exercises for at list 20 to 30 minutes. Playing guitar licks faster than the original make you feel easy to play the licks at its original tempo.

Play Guitar While standing Close to AMP

play Guitar at your best on stage situation

Stand right next to your AMP and raise the volume of your AMP, everything sounds will be different when you stand close to your AMP, you will not able to hear other musicians at that time because of the sound of your guitar will be too loud. Practicing this way will make you perfect even if you can’t hear the sounds of other band mates, In this case, you have to follow the drum and metronome.

Play Guitar While Standing Far Away From the AMP

Play Guitar while Walking Around Google Search-min

Stand far away from the Amp if possible go out of the room, now everything sounds will be different than you were used to, practice in this way so that you can play at your best even if the amp is far in real on stage situations.

Play Guitar By Turning Louder Backing Track

play Guitar at your best on stage situation

Now practice by turning up your backing track louder then your guitar sound, this makes you play well even if your guitar is sound is drowned by other instruments on real on stage situations.

These guitar training circuit exercises will surely boost up your skill and confidence for on stage performances if you also have any tips to recommend to our fellow guitarists, do comment in the section given below.

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