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Goat Farming With Low Investment Get Subsidy Earn Money In India

How To Start Goat Farming In India: If you want to start a business. In which you can earn big money every month at a low cost, then you should plan about the business related to animal husbandry. If you are a farmer yourself then it will be pleasant to sleep on. If you can do animal husbandry along with agricultural work, then this news can prove to be useful for you. In this news we are going to tell about goat farming business. In which the central and many state governments also give you huge subsidies. You get a chance to earn a lot of profit from this business. By which you can earn well by living in a village or town.

government giving subsidy
If you do not have money to start this business, then there is no need to worry. You can take a subsidy of 35 percent of the total cost for goat farming business from the central government. At the same time, the governments of some states are also giving huge subsidy for this business, in which the Haryana government is giving subsidy up to 90 percent. For this you can also take a loan from the bank. Loan is given from NABARD for goat rearing.

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Rural economy is strong
Let us tell you that Goat Farm greatly strengthens the rural economy. A goat needs roughly one square meter of space. Also, goats have to spend less than any other animal. Generally, a goat can do its job by consuming 1-2 kg of fodder.

low cost and high profit
According to a report, on the occasion of many festivals like Bakrid, Eid etc. the demand for these goats increases considerably. On 18 goats (female) you can earn an average of Rs 2,16,000. At the same time, an average of Rs 1,98,000 can be earned from the mail version. From goat’s milk to meat, there is huge earning. Goat farming gives many benefits like milk, manure etc. In today’s time, there is a good demand for goat’s milk in the market. Doctors also sometimes ask to consume goat’s milk, due to which the plate rate in your blood increases quickly.

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start like this
The cost to set up a goat farm depends on the number of goats you want to start with. Generally the weight of a goat is 25 kg. Hence, at the rate of Rs.300 per kg, a goat costs Rs.7,500. Similarly, the total cost of a goat of 30 kg is Rs 7,500 at the rate of Rs 250 per kg. Total 50 goats and 2 goats come in one unit. Hence the total cost of buying one unit of goat will be Similarly, you can earn good profit by starting poultry farming.

Total cost of 50 goats: Rs 3,75,000
Total cost of 2 goats: Rs 15,000
Total cost of one unit: Rs 3,90,000

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some other expenses
Generally, the cost of building a shed is Rs 100 per square feet. Up to Rs.3000 is spent on water, electricity etc. on an annual basis. 20,000 rupees are required every year to feed one unit of goats. If you want to get goats insured, then 5% of the total cost will have to be spent for this.

understand like this
For example, if the total cost of 1 unit of goats is Rs 3,90,000, then 5% of the total cost for insurance is Rs 19,500. Total vaccine and medical cost on one unit of goats can cost Rs 1,300 to Rs 15,00. Apart from this, if you appoint laborers to do the work, then you will have to pay separately.

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