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Global Economy: SBI said in its report, due to global uncertainty…

Inflation: Countries around the world, including America, have been struggling with inflation in the current year, due to which there has been a tremendous increase in the cost of living of the people all over the world, but India stood firmly in a pleasant situation amidst all this. Is. These things have been said in SBI’s research  report Ecowrap. 

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In this research report of SBI, considering the rupee as the denominator, the cost of living of India, America, UK and Germany has been compared. It has been said in the report that if in September 2021, the budget or cost of living of the houses of all countries was Rs 100, then it has increased by Rs 12 in India and America. But there has been an increase of Rs 20 in Germany and Rs 23 in the UK. 

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According to the report, in terms of prices of food items, in September 2021, the things which were available for Rs 100 in these four countries are now costlier by Rs 28 in America, Rs 18 in UK and Rs 33 in Germany. While it has become costlier by only Rs 15 in India. 

During this period the cost of living has become costlier by Rs 21 in America, Rs 30 in UK, Rs 21 in Germany and only Rs 6 in India. Fuel prices have become costlier by Rs 16 in India, Rs 12 in the US during this period. While it has become costlier by Rs 93 in UK and Rs 62 in Germany. 

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According to the report, the cost of living has come down after the global crisis, but India is performing better than other countries. 

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