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Giant Tricolor Put Up By Indian High Commission Team Atop High Commission…

Indian High Commission In UK: A very interesting sight was witnessed in the Indian High Commission in London on Wednesday (March 22). The High Commission team gave a befitting reply to the pro-Khalistan protesters. Khalistan supporters had again come to protest outside the Indian High Commission building.

During this, the officers climbed on the roof of the High Commission building and hoisted the tricolor bigger than before, forming a human chain. A video of this incident has surfaced.


Earlier on Sunday (March 19), pro-Khalistan protesters tried to bring down the tricolor hoisted at the Indian High Commission. The Government of India had summoned the British diplomat in New Delhi regarding the incident and had clearly said that such incidents would not be tolerated.

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On Wednesday, when the pro-Khalistan protesters again reached the Indian High Commission to protest, they had to face tight security. Barricading was done around the office, due to which the protesters could not cross the road. Khalistan supporters were shouting slogans on one side of the road, while the team of High Commission officials responded by hoisting a huge tricolor from the roof.

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According to the news agency PTI, around 2000 protesters gathered near the High Commission for a demonstration waving Khalistan flags. During this, water bottle and some other items were thrown towards the High Commission.

The demonstration of Khalistan supporters in London is being linked to absconding ‘Waris Punjab De’ chief Amritpal Singh. Amritpal Singh is a supporter of Khalistan and on March 18, the police started an operation to arrest him in India. The next day, Khalistan supporters were seen outside the Indian High Commission in London. In response to the pro-Khalistan protesters, members of the Indian community also gathered outside the Indian High Commission building on Tuesday (March 21) and danced to patriotic songs.

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Amritpal ran away in disguise, sometimes on a bike, sometimes on a motorbike, the search for the police is still on.

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