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Garuda Purana Niti Granth These Important Thing Will Never Face To Defeat

Garuda Purana Niti: Garuda Purana is one of the famous religious texts of Hinduism. Garuda Purana is considered one of the 18 Mahapuranas. The things mentioned in this have a deep impact on our lives. In Garuda Purana, the situation before death and after death has been explained in detail by Lord Vishnu. Garuda Purana is such a book in which mysterious things have been mentioned not only about the mystery of death but also about the mystery of life. Along with this, some such important things have been told in Garuda Purana, following which a person will never have to face defeat in life.

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Restraint, vigilance and shrewdness- According to the policy of Garuda Purana, enemies should never be taken lightly. Enemies are clever and the enemy can be defeated according to their policies. To deal with the enemy, a person has to resort to cleverness along with restraint and alertness. Because enemies constantly try to harm you. If you do not show cleverness towards them, then they can also defeat you and you may have to face losses.

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Practice- No matter how knowledgeable you are. Must keep practicing from time to time. If you don’t practice, your knowledge can be destroyed. That’s why people go on forgetting when they don’t practice knowledge and learning. It is said in Garuda Purana that whatever we read, we must practice it. With this, that knowledge sits well in our brain.

Respect religion- One should respect his religion. According to Garuda Purana, the person who does not respect Dharma gets a place in hell. It has been told in Garuda Purana that those who pollute the religious place, cheat, question the existence of religion, Vedas, Puranas and Shastras cannot escape the tortures of hell.

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