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Futuristic Smartphone You Always Dreamed of: New Elegant Vivo Apex Concept Phone

Vivo Apex 2018
Written by Altaf Shaikh

Vivo Apex 2018

Have you ever thought about having a smartphone with a futuristic bezel-less design?

The new Vivo Apex has all the features that you would like to have in a smartphone of today’s generation. Many Smartphones from many brands has launched the bezel-less but none like the Vivo Apex, I mean its a masterpiece. It has revolutionized the smartphone market to the next level, unlocking the future.

The Vivo Apex which is a new smartphone concept from a flagship brand Vivo has grabbed the attention of many people around the world. It is the first smartphone with a retractable selfie camera, 98% bezel-less screen and a half screen fingerprint scanner etc. Being the world’s first smartphone which has the in-display fingerprint scanner to unlock phone gives it an advantage over other.

Other Android smartphones also have the fingerprint scanner on it but it is not in-display. Besides Vivo’s Apex impressive screen of 98% bezel-less and half screen fingerprint scanner, Vivo’s has cleverly done the retractable selfie camera, which no other smartphone brand has done before.

vivo apex

Earlier Vivo has worked on some prototype known as X20 Plus UD which has the bezel similar to the Samsung’s Galaxy S8 but has the same feature of an in-display fingerprint scanner. So to get rid of the bezels for good Vivo has taken their creativity to the next level. Here “Half screen in-display fingerprint scanner” is technology where the user put fingers on a screen to unlock a phone.

Vivo’s Apex Full View have pushed the margin of the mobile experience taking the technology to the next level. Rethinking the design based on earlier Android smartphones with keeping in mind for a speaker, camera, and sensor element. However, the in-display fingerprint scanner isn’t quite fast as the common fingerprint scanner but works well on a smartphone. Vivo has showcased its concept phone and says that it’s just a fraction of their innovation, they will be continuing exploring all the possibilities.

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Vivo Apex 2018Vivo Apex 2018Vivo Apex 2018Vivo Apex 2018Vivo Apex 2018Vivo Apex 2018

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