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Friendship Day 2022 Vastu Tips Dont Gift These Inauspicious Things In…

Friendship Day 2022, Vastu Tips: Friendship Day will be celebrated in India on 7 August 2022. There are some friends in the life of every person who play together like a shadow in happiness and sorrow. After family, friends are the only ones with whom we can share our thoughts. Life seems incomplete without friends, even if friends are only one but they should be true.

Fights and fights are common among friends, but if such a situation arises again and again, it can be the cause of Vastu defect. Due to Vaastu, disputes between friends, conflicts in friendship, sometimes even a good friendship comes on the verge of breakdown. Let us know that due to which mistakes of Vastu can cause a rift in friendship. Improve them immediately or else even a good friend will become an enemy.

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Dirt on the main door of the house causes Vastu defect. According to the scriptures, due to the lack of cleanliness around the main gate, friendship gets sour. Do not even keep dirty clothes at the main gate, it causes estrangement in the relationship of friends. Always keep this place clean.


In Vastu Shastra, black color is considered inauspicious in many cases. Transaction of black colored items between friends is not considered good. Black color affects Rahu which is not auspicious for friendship. Whether it is black clothes or a gift.

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On Friendship Day, many people also give gifts to friends with friendship belts. Keep in mind that never gift your friends as a handkerchief or perfume gift. According to Vastu, it is inauspicious. It is believed that this reduces the trust of friends and conflict starts in the relationship.


According to Vastu, avoid any transaction with a friend on Saturday. Do not argue without talking or else a big dispute can arise. Small talk can become a ruckus on this day, so maintain humility in your behavior towards your friend.

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