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France Supports Permanent Seat For India In UNSC UK Has Also Made This…

India UNSC Permanent Seat: After Britain, France has also supported India’s permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). France has reiterated its support for India, Germany, Japan and Brazil for the creation of permanent seats in the United Nations Security Council.

France’s Deputy Representative to the UN Nathalie Broadhurst Estival, while addressing the UNSC’s annual debate on Security Council reform on Friday (18 November), said that France is considering the candidature of Germany, Brazil, India and Japan as permanent members for permanent seats. supports. He said that France wanted more representation from the permanent members of the Council from African countries, as many seats should be divided to ensure geographic representation.

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Reiterating the seriousness of the permanent membership of the Security Council, France said that the issue of veto is very sensitive. Estival insisted in the UNSC that it is up to the countries requesting permanent seats to decide on the matter.

Britain also supported India

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Before France, Britain also gave its support to India for permanent membership of UNSC. Britain’s ambassador to the United Nations, Barbara Woodward, said India supports permanent seats for Germany, Japan and Brazil, as well as permanent African representation on the council. Woodward said the UK also supports the expansion of the non-permanent category of membership, taking the total membership of the Security Council to somewhere in the mid-20s.

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Demand to increase the number of permanent members

At present there are only five permanent members of the UN Security Council. These include America, Russia, China, France and Britain. In view of the global population and economy and new geopolitical circumstances, there has been a demand for increasing the number of permanent member countries for a long time. India has been raising the demand for permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council for a long time. Now many European countries have supported India’s permanent membership in the Security Council.

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