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Former US President Donald Trump Take A Jibe On President Joe Biden On Falls Of Cycle | Joe Biden Bicycle Ride: Donald Trump’s quip when US President Joe Biden fell from his bicycle, said

Joe Biden Falls of Cycle: US President Joe Biden was recently holidaying in Delaware with his family. During this, when he rode a bicycle, he fell from the cycle. Former US President Donald Trump has quipped on this matter. He has said that I take a vow that I will never ride a cycle.

Donald Trump said that I hope Joe Wyden is cured because you all know that he fell from the bicycle. no I am serious. I hope they are fine. Fell from the bicycle. I pledge from today that I will never ride a cycle. Actually Trump is on America Freedom Tour. During this, he said this in one of his rally.

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This is how Joe Biden fell from the bicycle

On Saturday, Biden arrived at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware state for a holiday with wife Jill Biden. Here he also did cycling. Many other people were also cycling with him. Also there were security personnel. While cycling, as soon as he stopped at one place, his foot got stuck in the pedal and he stumbled and fell. On this, the guards posted under his protection immediately surrounded him and helped to lift him. When Biden was asked how he fell, he said that the pedal leg of the bicycle was stuck. He also said that he did not get any injury and he is fine.

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Before this stumbled on the steps of Air Force One

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Before this, Joe Biden also stumbled on the stairs of the US Air Force aircraft ‘Airforce One’ last month. A similar incident happened in Atlanta last year when Biden stumbled three times down the stairs of the plane. As soon as the video of the US President falling from the bicycle went viral on social media, users gave different reactions. One user wrote that as the stock market falls, they fell. Another user wrote that okay, where was Putin? He pushed, didn’t he? Another user wrote on Twitter why would Putin do this? So another user wrote that today’s latest news, Putin ransacked his bike to bring down Biden.

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