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Former Chinese Justice Minister Fu Zhenghua Sentenced To Death In Corruption…

Chinese Fu Zhenghua: In China, two senior security officials, including a former justice minister Fu Zhenghua, were sentenced to death for corruption and abuse of power, but their sentences have been stayed for two years. Both of them have been sentenced at a time when the anti-corruption campaign of Chinese President Xi Jinping has gained momentum. The Communist Party Congress is scheduled to be held in China next month, which is expected to approve Xi Jinping’s record third term.

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China’s former Justice Minister Fu Zhenghua was sentenced to death on Thursday by the Intermediate People’s Court of Changchun in northeast China’s Jilin province for USD 173 million in corruption and abuse of power, Chinese state media reported. The court, however, suspended his sentence for two years. Hours later, the same court sentenced former Jiangsu official Wang Laik to a similar sentence and suspended his sentence for two years.

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Who is Fu Zhenghua?
He has been sentenced for bribery, collusion with criminal gangs and forgery of identity cards, the official People’s Daily Online reported here. According to the news of People’s Daily Online, Wang is a former member of the Jiangsu Provincial Committee Communist Party of China (CPC) and former secretary of the Politics and Law Committee of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee. In China, there is a provision of suspended death sentence for the convicts and such punishment is given to show the seriousness of the crime. Such punishment is likely to be commuted to life imprisonment later.

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