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Food For Eyes Health Vitamin A Rich Diet And Food Vegetable For Eyes

How To Make Eyes Healthy And Strong: Nowadays TVs, phones and computer-laptops have increased the screen time. This is having a bad effect on the eyes. By using these things for a long time, the eyes and muscles become weak. In such a situation, you should take a healthy diet to make the eyes healthy and strong. You should eat foods rich in Vitamin A. Vitamin A is very important to keep the eyes healthy. For this, you should include orange colored fruits and vegetables in the diet. Orange colored fruits and vegetables also contain vitamins C and B. Know which foods to include in the diet to make eyes healthy.

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diet for eyes
1- Carrot- To make the eyes healthy, eat carrots. Carrots are rich in vitamin A, which keeps the eyes healthy. Eat a medium sized carrot every day. With this you can fulfill your daily needs of Vitamin A.
2- Apricot (Apricot)- Apricot is a very tasty fruit. It contains potassium, vitamin C, fiber, vitamin A, beta carotene and lycopene. This keeps the eyes healthy.
3- Pumpkin- Pumpkin seeds and pumpkin contain vitamin A. In such a situation, eat pumpkin to make the eyes healthy. Eating pumpkin also helps in weight loss.
4- Papaya- Papaya is an easily available fruit in all seasons. You must eat papaya. Vitamin C and Vitamin A are found in papaya. Which is beneficial for the eyes.
5- Orange Along with vitamin C, vitamin A is also found in oranges. Calcium deficiency is also fulfilled by eating oranges. You must eat an orange everyday.

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