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Follow These Astrology Easy Tips To Get Rid Of Debt Ann

Astrology Tips: There are ups and downs in life. Sometimes there is rain of money, sometimes there is a lack of money, when there is a lack of money then there is a need for loans, loans and loans. But everyone makes efforts that the debt should not make the path of life difficult and it should be repaid on time. However, the cycle of EMI makes a person dizzy. Pandit Suresh Shrimali is telling you some such simple measures, using which you can become debt free as soon as possible. If you do the measures with full faith, it will be more effective. These special measures will make your life tension free. Let’s know those magical remedies that will help you get rid of debt and debt.

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Take these measures to get rid of debt

First of all, especially keep in mind that you should start paying that installment of the loan from Tuesday. Now let’s talk about special measures, before giving the first installment of the loan, offer some prasad, pure jasmine oil lamp, sandalwood incense sticks, guggul’s incense and a garland of yellow flowers in the afternoon. Also, after requesting to get rid of the loan soon, go to pay the installment of the loan.

After getting the loan, first of all go to the temple and offer prasad to God with some of the loan amount and request that you have taken the loan in compulsion, Lord please get rid of this debt soon. Until the debt is freed, keep on reciting the debtor Shree Ganesh Stotra, Debtmochak Mangal Stotra and Kavach regularly every day. With its effect, you can start repaying the loan very quickly.

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Do not forget to do this before taking a loan to build a house

If you are taking a loan for auspicious work like building a house, then definitely do a special remedy. At the time of construction of the house, duly energized ‘Shri Yantra’, ‘Vastudosh Nirvana Yantra’ and ‘Shri Mangal Yantra’ must be given place in the house. It will bring auspiciousness. When you pay the first installment of any kind of loan, then on that day feed two poor people in the name of Hanuman ji.

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Give the first installment of the loan on Tuesday, as well as donate 900 grams of red lentils in a quarter meter red cloth and donate it to someone. Do this on three consecutive Tuesdays. Keep in mind that give lentils to someone close to them, who make it on Tuesday and feed it to their family, this will make the remedy more effective.

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