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Flight Ticket Price Increasing How Can Customer Get Cheaper Tickets

Flight Ticket Price Increase In India: Traveling by air is suddenly becoming expensive across the country. Those who often travel by air, they must have an idea of ​​this. The increase in the prices of air tickets is mostly seen during the festive season, but for the travel in the month of November, they are not taking the name of reducing the flight price. There are many reasons for this.

Price increased by 2 to 3 times
After all, what is the reason, due to which the air fare has become expensive. During Diwali, in the month of October 2022, the flight ticket prices have increased by 2 to 3 times from the normal level. People have spent up to 15 thousand rupees for traveling from Delhi to Patna. Also, ticket prices for tourist places had increased 4 to 5 times. Even now, air fare is expensive on almost every route. At the same time, for Tatkal journey, customers have to spend even more money for the ticket.

This is how ticket prices are decided
Explain that by removing and increasing the limit on air fare by DGCA, ticket prices are fixed. DGCA can reduce or increase the air fare limit. This happens due to the privatization of airports and the competitive prices of air tickets, due to which you sometimes have to pay several times the air fare.

this is the big reason
The biggest reason why air tickets are expensive is the privatization of airports. Due to which airports are now charging all possible fees from airlines companies for their use. In Air India, earlier the airline ticket price was decided by the commercial team, and then it was used as GSA (General Sales Agent). There are some major factors in deciding the ticket prices. These include the distance of air travel, destination, airport tax/charge etc.

News Reels

Passengers getting upset
Passengers traveling across the country are very upset due to the rising prices of air fares. His question is why is this happening? What is the reason behind this? Some people have raised this matter through social media. In this news, we are going to tell you some such ways, keeping in mind that you can book cheap air tickets.

Book cheap tickets like this

  • You can book tickets by going to the travel agent, because some routes are blocked by the agent.
  • You can book tickets with the help of a fixed travel agent. Who can give you cheap tickets.
  • You can check by comparing the fare between many online travel agencies.
  • Many banks and IRCTC can offer you huge discounts on your card.
  • On many occasions, you get the best deal, so that you can book cheap tickets.

keep these things in mind

  • Tickets for air travel become very expensive on Diwali, Christmas, New Year Blackout-Day. You should avoid traveling on such days.
  • You can book tickets in advance. So you can get cheap tickets.
  • Many airlines companies give big discounts on flight tickets for certain times. By taking advantage of these offers, you can buy tickets.
  • The best time to book flight tickets for you planned journey is 3-6 months in advance. Then you get cheap tickets.

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