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Flight Attendant Accused Elon Musk Of Sexual Misconduct Says Spacex Paid 2 Lakh Dollors For Keep Silent

Elon Musk Sexual Misconduct: Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, has a long history of controversies. As much as Allen is known for his wealth, there are as many controversies in his name as well. The name of Anal Musk has now been associated with a new controversy. This time the world’s richest man has been accused of sexual abuse. This allegation has been made by the flight attendant of a private jet. Allen is accused of sexually abusing her during the flight on his private plane. When the flight attendant raised his voice against this, to silence him, Musk’s company Space X gave him $ 250,000, about 1.9 crore rupees.

The woman told that in the year 2016, she used to work as a flight attendant in a private jet. Once on a flight to London, Musk rubbed his feet inappropriately. Not only this, according to the woman, Musk also asked her to give a massage and in return agreed to gift her a horse. Because the woman loved horse riding.

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At the same time, according to a friend of the woman, her friend once told that Elon Musk had asked her to give a massage in a private room. The woman also pressurized the seniors of the company to learn to massage her. The woman alleges that when she reached the flight, Allen was already there without clothes. He kept only a towel wrapped around his body. The woman also accused Allen of showing her her private part. Due to which the angry woman complained about this to the company, then she was given Rs 1.9 crore to remain silent in this matter.

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What did Musk say on the allegation?

When a mail was sent to him to try to know Musk’s side in this case, he replied that there are many things in this story that have not been told. Musk asked for time for this. Musk wrote, “If I had indulged in things like sexual abuse, why hadn’t there been any cases before in my 30-year career. Musk called the story a politically motivated hit piece.

Let us tell you that Elon Musk has also made two tweets regarding this matter. He wrote in his first tweet- The allegations against me should be seen through the prism of politics. This is their disgusting playbook. But no one can distract me from the fight for a good future and your right to free speech.

Musk shared one of his tweets from the year 2021 and wrote – After all, we can use the name Allengate for the scandal. It is perfect in a way.

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