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Fitness News: Know whether to drink water immediately after doing gym or not? In 5…

Latest News of Fitness: 70 percent of the human body is made up of water. Due to dehydration in the body, there is burning in the heart, headache, back pain, weakness. When there is a shortage of water in the body, it starts squeezing water from the body parts. In such a situation, the body gives a signal in the form of thirst. When we feel thirsty, we drink water. But such a situation does not come, for this it is necessary that we keep drinking water regularly. 

Drink water while doing gym or workout?

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  • After hitting the gym, take some rest. When the sweat is completely gone and the heat stops, then drink water.
  • Do not forget to swallow a glass of water in one breath. Thirst may be excessive, but drink water only after sips.
  • Add some salt and sugar to the water. This will replenish the electrolytes released with sweat. You can also take coconut water instead of plain water.
  • Always sit and drink water comfortably. Drinking water while standing has a bad effect on health.
  • Avoid drinking cold water from fridge for 1-2 hours after gym.
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    sip water slowly, sips

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