Friday, August 12, 2022

Firing In USA Chicagos Highland Park During Freedom Day Parade Several Injured

Firing In USA On Independence Day: Six people are reported to have died in firing during the Independence Day parade near Highland Park in Chicago, Illinois. According to the news agency AFP, 24 people have been injured in this incident. According to reports, 10 minutes after the parade started, open firing was done on the parade route. This firing was done from a nearby building when the whole of America was celebrating its 246th Independence Day.

The police tweeted that we are assisting the local Highland Park Police in the firing on the Independence Day Parade Route. Please stay away from the place where this incident happened and let the security agencies handle the situation.

Rifle recovered from the spot
In the press conference immediately after the incident, police officials said that a rifle has been recovered from the spot. The search is on for the suspect involved in the incident by sealing the areas. The injured have been taken to the hospital. Relief and rescue work is being carried out at a rapid pace.

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There was chaos on the road – victims present at the scene
Warren Fried, a man present at the scene with his wife and 7-year-old twins, told CNN that he heard police shouting “shooter” and “run away” at the parade and then heard firing.

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Meanwhile, he saw ambulances and police vehicles going on the other side of the road. On hearing the sound of gunshots, there was an atmosphere of panic among the people involved in the parade and people started looking for hiding places to save their lives.

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