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FIFA World Poses Threat Of Spreading Camel Flu To The World

Camel Flu Symptoms: The world was shaken by the havoc of Kovid. Crores of people have come under the grip of this virus. Lakhs of people died. After Kovid, the world is facing new viruses. Now another virus has emerged as a headache for the scientist. FIFA World Cup is being organized in Qatar. There is a danger of its spreading from this country to the whole world. Let us know what is this virus and why the eyes of the whole world are now focused on the spread of this virus due to Qatar and FIFA World?

Know Camel Flu first

Doctors say that the mutation of corona virus is very fast. Seeing the effect of the medicine and the immune system of the body, it changes its form. Camel flu is also a form of covid virus. It went from Camel to people and later came in contact with each other and spread rapidly. Now its danger is looming all over the world.

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Why the threat from Qatar?

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Doctors told that Qatar is a desert area. A large number of camels are found here. This virus is found only in camels. This virus reaches people only from camels. FIFA World Cup is being organized in Qatar. People from all over the world are reaching to watch the World Cup. People would ride camels and touch them. In such a situation, this virus can directly catch people. Travelers traveling to Qatar for FIFA World Cup have been advised not to touch camels during safaris and rides.

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what are its symptoms

Many types of symptoms appear as soon as they come in contact with this virus that passes from person to person. There is difficulty in breathing. Fever, dry cough, more sore throat can be seen. Pneumonia can develop if the condition worsens. Some people get diarrhea and stomach related problems. This leads to hospitalization. In some severe cases, it even leads to death.

The world knows it by the name of Mars

The world also knows this virus by the name of Mars Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. This virus originated in Saudi Arabia in the year 2012 and later spread to Middle East countries. This virus is related to the Corona family only. Doctors say that people need to be alert. If a person is coming from Middle East countries after traveling, then he first needs to get RTPCR test done for Covid. If symptoms like cough, fever, cold, sore throat are visible, then the investigation should be done without delay.

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