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FIFA World Cup: All players of Saudi Arabia will get Rolls Royce car,…

Saudi Arabia celebrates after a memorable victory over Argentina. It’s been three days since this victory, but the people there are still celebrating it. After the victory on Tuesday (November 22), the government of Saudi Arabia declared the next day Wednesday as a public holiday. Now a big gift will be given to all the players. Prince Mohammed bin Salam Al Saud of Saudi Arabia has announced to give the car.

Mohammed bin Salam Al Saud announced that all the players would be honored with a Rolls Royce Phantom car. Saudi Arabia’s team defeated South American team Argentina 2-1. Despite Lionel Messi’s goal, Argentina’s team could not name the match. He had taken a 1-0 lead till halftime, but in the second half, Saudi Arabia came back with a bang and won the match.

How much does the car cost?

Rolls-Royce Phantom price in India starts from Rs. 8.99 Crore and goes upto Rs. 10.48 Crore. Saudi Arabia halted Argentina’s 36-match winning streak. Saudi Arabia, the world number 51 team, started their World Cup campaign with an important win.

water on Messi’s goal

Argentina’s most important player Lionel Messi scored a goal. Lionel Messi scored this goal in the 10th minute and gave his team a 1-0 lead. This was Messi’s seventh goal in FIFA World Cup history. However, after five minutes, Saudi Arabia took the lead and Saleh Alsehri scored for Saudi Arabia in the 48th minute and Salem Aldawsari in the 53rd minute. After this, neither of the two teams could score a goal.

Saudi Arabia’s goalkeeper did a great job

In the last few minutes, Saudi Arabia’s goalkeeper M. Al Owais was brilliant and made several saves. Argentina scored three goals in the first few minutes, but all were ruled offside. The Argentine team was caught offside. With this defeat, Argentina’s winning streak of 36 consecutive matches was broken. During this he had won 25 matches and had 11 draws.



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