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Fetus Smell And Taste In The Womb Fetus Activity Research Story

Baby In Womb: During pregnancy, didi-nani and elders of the house ask for good food. It is said that good food and drink of the mother is very important for the development of the baby growing in the womb. Not only this, it is during pregnancy that the child begins to know the taste and smell.

The child starts giving the same reaction as the mother eats. It has also been revealed in many researches that the child growing in the womb starts to know the taste. Doctors advise the mother to eat healthy food during this time. Due to this the child develops properly. Let us know what the research says.

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Baby begins to recognize taste and smell during pregnancy

About 100 pregnant women were researched at Durham University in London. Scientists did 4D ultrasound scanning of these women, in which the facial expressions of the child were seen. During this, when the mother was given sweet carrots to eat, there was a feeling of happiness on the face of the child.

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At the same time, when the mother was given something spicy to eat, the expression of crying appeared on the face of the baby. Scientists say that the child’s habit of taste and smell starts forming in the womb itself. The child likes to eat such food after birth.

Why research is important

Scientists say that after this research, a habit will be formed in people about healthy eating and drinking. During pregnancy, women should be given such healthy things to eat, which are necessary for the development of the child. This will lead to proper development of the child during pregnancy as well and later the child will adopt healthy eating habits, which will be beneficial for his physical and mental development.

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