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Feel urination more than 5-7 times in day be diabetes identified by…

Normally a healthy person urinates four to seven times a day. If you have to make several trips to the bathroom, especially at night, this is an alarming sign. Due to this there is a possibility of getting diabetes. Your kidneys may be working too hard to remove the extra sugar in your blood. Experts say that “If you are urinating one to two times in the night, then do not drink water after 7 pm. Also, do not drink caffeinated beverages after 5 pm.

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One of the most common early symptoms of diabetes is frequent urination during the day or night. When you have too much sugar in your blood, which leads to diabetes, the kidneys have to work harder to remove it. Diabetes can also damage your kidneys or bladder. Both can prompt you to urinate more.

People who have the problem of UTI i.e. urinary tract infection, they also get urine more often. The color of their urine is usually smelly and a different color from the normal. If you have an infection in your bladder and kidneys, the color of your urine may be light red due to the presence of blood or blood. Also, there is a strong smell from the urine. During this, the person may complain of fever, chills, nausea, side pain or mild pain in the lower abdomen.

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If you feel thirsty even after drinking water, or if you feel like eating more often than usual during the day. You find yourself too weak to do everyday activities, and feel exhausted. Or you feel tingling or numbness that feels like burning in your feet when you wake up, then these are all alarming symptoms.

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It is definitely important to know if you have diabetes. This is a serious condition, which can lead to many other health problems. Your doctor can do a variety of blood tests to diagnose or rule out diabetes.

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