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Fear Of Terrorists And Economic Crisis In Pakistan, 8 Lakh Youths Left The…

Pakistan Crisis: On the one hand, there is a fear of terrorist attacks in the neighboring country Pakistan, while on the other hand, the people are suffering due to economic crisis. The Pakistani economy is getting ruined. In such a situation, more educated youth are leaving this country and going abroad and living there. Many youths no longer trust Pakistan to fulfill their dreams. That is why in the last one year, 8 lakh youths left the country.

Pakistani youth leaving the country

According to a Gallup survey, Pakistani youth wants to go abroad to get a job at an early age. Here, 1 out of every 3 Pakistanis up to the age of 30 thinks like this. Whereas, this trend is 50% among the children studying in the university. It was told in a report that, last year 8 lakh Pakistani youths said goodbye to Pakistan. Most of these youth turned to Canada. It is being told that Canada has emerged as a favorite destination for the educated youth here, where foreigners are being given a lot of preference.

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Pakistani rulers expressed concern

Pakistani minister Ahsan Iqbal expressed concern over youths going abroad from Pakistan. He said, ‘It is a matter of great concern that the youth are leaving the country on such a large scale.’ At the same time, the Pakistani PM is requesting financial help from foreign leaders.

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Record breaking inflation made it difficult to run a house

In a Reuters report, it was said that Pakistani youths are seeing a bleak future in Pakistan. On the one hand, record-breaking inflation has made it difficult for people to run their homes and the facilities are very less. On the other hand, the youth do not want to stay here even after being disturbed by the bloody attacks of terrorist organizations like TTP. The youth have gone abroad in search of better jobs and a safer place.

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Rapidly increasing number of people going abroad

Surprisingly, last year the figure of leaving more than 8 lakh youths has been much more than the 6,25,876 youths who went in the year 2019 and 382,439 youths before that.

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