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Facebook Hacks You Probably Don’t Know Can Change Your Life

facebook hacks
Written by Altaf Shaikh

Sometimes we often get confused by all the settings and options on Facebook, it’s obvious even if you are one of the most social media addicts.

If you are on to Facebook for a while then you might have noticed that whenever you comment on someone’s photos, it started to bombard with thousands of Notifications until it’s completely removed by the up loader.

Or you might accidentally join some chat group and it again started popping up thousands of notifications and messages. So how do you stop it, well here I have come forward with some of the facebooks hacks you probably unaware of And can surely change your life.

Stop Getting Birthday Notifications

You may have more than thousands of facebook friends on your friend list, and it’s obvious to get the notification of birthdays every day even if you aren’t logged in. It’s annoying and for some it’s interesting.

Well’ if you don’t want the birthday notifications then you can follow the steps to turn off the feature.

First Click on the Globe at the right corner, where the notification was displayed. After that click on the setting option at right corner of the drop-down notification menu,

Now, you’ll find that there’s a birthday option. To turn off the birthday notifications just select the off.

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Review and Control your timeline tagged in Posts

Not all of us would like to post unflattering photos on an own Facebook timeline; it’s easy you can always control your timeline pictures and contents and review and remove them before they get published.

To do that just go to the page and navigate to the timeline and tagging menu. There you’ll find an option to who can add things to my Timeline and

Review posts that friends tag you in before they appear on your Timeline etc. Go to the Timeline review posts that friends tag option and select enabled.

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Abandon someone from your Newsfeed

Facebook Hacks

It’s useful when you don’t want to unfriend and also don’t want to see the notification of your friend in your newsfeed,

just go to your friends profile and move your cursor towards the following button a menu will pop-up, from the list look for the unfollow option, it will be located at the end of the menu, click on that button and that’s it.

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Block families from seeing certain posts using the list feature

The list is very useful in case you don’t want your family members should know certain things you do with your friends, for example, photos of bachelors partying, roaming, kissing etc.

To take the advantage of this feature you have to first create a list, and to create a list, at first go to your home page, now click on the friend list option under the explore section and click on the create list, now name your list and choose member by typing their name in the field you want to include in that list.

Now to block a list from seeing a post, just select the option globe near the post published date and clicks on the more button and then select the custom option to select the list that you don’t want to show the list.

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Hide Seen Notification in the Facebook Messenger


Facebook HacksSometimes you may not have the patience to reply to all of the messages, you may don’t want to reply. And what all you need is this app unseen by logging into this app now no one can find whether you have seen the message or not.

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Stop certain people to send messages or Chatting you

This option is very useful in case you don’t want the message or don’t want to chat any particular or multiple people, instead of ignoring the messages you can directly disable him/her to send messages to you.

Look at the bottom of your chat sidebar there is option button look same as setting as soon as you click on that button a menu list will pop-up from there you have to select the advanced setting and then you can stop some people chatting you by typing their name into the given field.

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