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Eye Twitching Can Be Serious Sometimes Know Eyelid Myokymia Symptoms…

Eyelid myokymia: We all have twitching eyes sometimes. Many people believe that its connection is with being good or bad. You must have also heard from people that “Eyes are fluttering, it seems that something good or bad is going to happen”. But is it true? Or is it related to health problems? The National Health Service (NHS) says that twitching of the eyes is common. Very rarely it happens that it indicates any health problem. But sometimes even small problems can become the cause of big problems. That’s why even minor physical problems should not be ignored.

If your eyes are blinking for a long time, then it can be difficult to ignore. According to the report of Mirror, this usually happens due to ongoing stress in life. If you worry a lot, feel tired, consume caffeine or alcohol then your eyes may twitch. Apart from this, this condition also arises many times as a side effect of some medicines. The problem of twitching of the eye is called myokymia in medical language.

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Twitching of the eyes is usually a minor problem, which goes away as quickly as it appears. However, sometimes in some people, blinking of eyes is indicating their physical problems. If your eyes are blinking repeatedly or for a long time, then you should go to the doctor.

When should you contact the doctor?

1. Cramps in multiple parts of the body

2. tingling sensation in the body

3. feeling weak

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4. having double vision

5. red eyes

6. swollen eyelids

stress is also a reason

If you are not feeling these symptoms and only your eyes are twitching, then it is more likely that you have stress. Many times the problem of twitching of the eyes also arises due to stress. However, in some cases, the cause of eye twitching can be autoimmune disease, movement disorder and cancerous tumor. Dystonia, which is a movement disorder, causes muscle spasms and contractions.

There are many sub-types of dystonia. But those that are related to twitching of the eyes are blepharospasm and cervical dystonia. Cervical dystonia causes spasms and tilting of the neck muscles, which in some cases can affect both eyes. While dystonia is not so fatal. Ignoring the problems related to these conditions can also prove to be fatal, so it is very important to be careful.

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Signs of brain tumor!

Another possible cause of tearing of the eyes is a corneal abrasion, which is an injury or a small scratch on the surface of the corneal epithelium at the front of the eye. Twitching of the eyes can also be a sign of brain tumor. So do not ignore any situation in which your body is feeling something unusual.

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