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Eye Care: Benefits Of Tears, Know Reason Why Tears Come

Eye Care Tips: If laughing and smiling is considered good for health, then even crying is not bad from anywhere. The more benefits of laughing, the more benefits of crying are considered. Whether you are getting emotional watching a movie or serial or you are getting tears while cutting onions.

Research says that tears are very important for your healthy eyes. It keeps your eyes moist and smooth. It also protects against infection and dirt. They keep your eyes clean and also make them healthy. So here know why tears come out and what are its benefits..

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Why do tears come out?

Science works completely behind the crying of a human being. When we or you are emotional, some sharp thing is cut on the onion, when something goes in the eyes, then tears come out. Tear is the fluid released from the lacrimal ducts of the eye, which is made up of a mixture of water and salt. It also contains chemicals called oils, mucus and enzymes, which kill germs and keep our eyes healthy.

There are three types of tears

You may not know that there are three types of tears that come out of human eyes. let’s say

  • Basal Tears- These tears come out when the eyes blink. They work to retain moisture in the eyes. These are non-emotional tears.
  • Reflex Tears- These are also non-emotional tears. They come from the air, smoke, dust falling in the eyes.
  • Emotional Tears- The tears that come out when there is sadness, disappointment, sorrow are emotional tears.

Benefits of tears

  • According to a study from the Netherlands, crying makes you feel relaxed and your mood is good.
  • A fluid called lysozyme is found in tears, which has antibacterial properties. It protects our eyes from infection and cleans the eyes.
  • Crying controls emotion and relieves mental stress
  • Crying releases oxytocin and endorphin hormones in the body which provide relief from physical and emotional pain.
  • Due to the release of tears, the eyes do not dry out and their moisture remains intact, which increases the eyesight.
  • When a person blinks, basal tears are released, which protect the brain from drying out in the mucus.

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