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Excessive Use Of Headphone Earphone May Effects On Brain And Heart Know Side…

Headphone Side Effects: Nowadays most people use headphones to avoid urban noise or to look fashionable. Whether going to office, going to college or going on a journey, at such times headphones or earphones become everyone’s companion. It is true that the headphone protects from external noise. But do you know that its excessive use can prove to be harmful for you? Yes you are listening right. If you are also one of those people, who use headphones for hours, then be careful. Because its use will not only have a bad effect on your ears, but the body may also have to face many serious damages.

Health experts believe that earphones or headphones can harm the body as well as become a bad addiction. Music coming from earphones takes a big toll on your eardrum, which can cause permanent damage. In the last 10 years, many effects of loud music coming from portable earphones have been seen. There is also a growing concern that people stick to headphones for hours, which has many bad effects in the body. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that due to excessive use of headphones or earphones, the hearing capacity of about 100 million youth worldwide may be affected.

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Side effects of excessive use of headphones or earphones

1. Deafness

Listening to loud music with earphones or headphones can affect your hearing ability. The listening capacity of the ears is only 90 decibels, which can be reduced to 40-50 decibels by continuous listening.

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2. Risk of heart disease

According to experts, wearing headphones and listening to music for hours is not at all good for the ears as well as the heart. This not only makes the heart beat faster, but also causes a lot of damage to the heart.

3. Headache

The electromagnetic waves emanating from headphones or earphones have a bad effect on the brain. Because of this, the problem of headache and migraine arises. Many people suffer from sleep disturbances, sleeplessness, insomnia or even sleep apnea.

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4. Ear Infection

The earphone is placed directly in the ear, which obstructs the air passage. This blockage can lead to different types of ear infections including the growth of bacteria.

5. Increase in stress and tension

Prolonged use of headphones can affect a person’s ability to have a social life and mental health. Sometimes it can also cause more anxiety and stress.

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