Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Ethereum Whales Buy 5300 Million Shiba Inu Tokens, Increase in Price by 5%

The activity of whale accounts in the cryptocurrency market matters a lot. Whale accounts are the largest holders of any cryptocurrency. The number of crypto assets stored in them is so large that they can affect the market value of any digital token. The activity of whale accounts is also being seen continuously in Shiba Inu. Over the past few days, Shiba Inu is being sold-purchased in large numbers by whale accounts and the impact of these transactions is being seen on the price of the token as well.

A day ago where Shiba Inu was sold in bulk by a whale account, now this meme cryptocurrency has been bought in bulk by a whale account. This purchase is made from Binance Wallet. However, the address to which they have been sent from Binance Wallet is not known. Etherscan According to the statistics of Whales, 5300 million Shiba Inu tokens have been purchased.

The Shiba Inu tokens purchased are said to be worth around $7 million. With this purchase, the number of Shiba Inu tokens held by whales has increased to 6.57 trillion. The latest data from WhaleStats, a platform that tracks whale accounts, shows that the largest Ethereum whale currently holds Shiba Inu tokens worth $160 million. Earlier, Whales had bought $37 million worth of Shiba Inu tokens. More than 28 trillion Shiba Inu tokens can come in this price.

Talking about the current price of Shiba Inu, today the trading of the world’s second largest Mime cryptocurrency has started with an increase. The Shiba Inu saw an increase of 5.09% in trade openings. At the time of writing this news, according to Indian exchange Coinswitch Kuber, it was trading at Rs 0.001098. A day before this, a huge increase was seen in the price of Shiba Inu.

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