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Emergency Alert: Phone will ring when there is danger in Britain, going to happen…

Britain: A new public warning system will be tested in Britain next month, in which siren-like alerts will be sent to mobile phone users across the country. After its successful test, alerts will start coming on mobile phones in case of a fatal weather event or natural disaster in Britain. The UK government announced this on Sunday.  

The government said that the new emergency alert will be used very little. It will be sent only where there is a danger of immediate risk to the lives of people. So that the people there become aware of the possible danger in time. So people may not get alerts for months or even years. The government announced that the alert would be tested across the UK on the evening of 23 April next month, with people receiving a test message on their mobile phone. 

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Terrorist incidents will also be added to the list 

According to information received from sources, terrorist alert can also be added to the list of possible incidents. It has not been added yet. Giving more information about the public warning system, Cabinet Office Minister Oliver Dowden said that we are conducting this new test to strengthen the warning system to deal with threats ranging from floods to wildfires. It is expected that it will prove to be very effective, as well as it will help Britain a lot.  

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Will warn before dangers 

He said that this will help us to secure the people, as well as the danger affected areas will be continuously alerted by this, better information will be provided to them. The cabinet office minister said that we have seen in the US and elsewhere that vibration on the phone can save lives. 

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