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Electrical Signal Current In Breast Help Us To Know About Cancer Spreads

Breast Cancer: Did you know that breast cancer cells have their own electric language? It may sound a bit strange, but in fact, a report suggests that breast cancer cells keep on giving mild electric experiences. This electric language works to tell how cancer cells grow and spread. Britain’s Dr. Miriam Stoppard has shared an interesting research from Imperial College London on the electrical charge given by cancer cells, which can tell you a lot about the risk of developing breast cancer.

This research, led by Imperial College London and The Institute of Cancer Research (London), can help us understand how cells take the form of cancer. When the cells move towards the formation of cancer, then electric charge is felt in it (in the cells) and its membrane becomes positively charged as compared to the healthy cell membrane. This means that it feels tingling or a slight electric current.

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Electrical signal indicating the birth of cancer!

Researchers believe that this process can be an electrical communication network between cancer cells, which can target your body in the future. Although scientists told about tetrodotoxin, which is a powerful nerve (nerve) toxin. This nerve toxin helps in preventing nerve cells from becoming an electric charge. According to the report of the Independent, scientists told that nerve toxin works to suppress the electrical effect in cancer cells.

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Co-lead author Professor Chris Bakal, from The Institute of Cancer Research in London, said: “This is the first time we have observed such rapid fluctuations in electrical activity inside breast cancer cells. It seems like it has an electrical language. He said, ‘We still do not know how difficult the condition of the electrical language in the cells is, but it can indicate the progress of the tumor.’ The electrical language of different cancer cells is also different.

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