Monday, June 5, 2023

Electric Vehicle Companies On Hiring Spree Amid Massive Global Layoffs…

EV Sector Prospects: Right now the discussion of Global Layoffs is going on all over the world. Thousands of people are losing their jobs every month. Companies of almost all sectors are troubled by this strike of retrenchment, but even in such a situation, there is one sector, which is showing rays of hope. This sector is still unaffected by this terrible phase of retrenchment and even the companies in this sector are making new recruitments.

Fast growing EV market

We are talking about the fast emerging electric vehicle sector. The changing energy needs and costlier conventional fuels have given a boost to the electric vehicle market. Governments of all countries around the world are also promoting electric vehicles. In India, the FAME scheme is being run by the Central Government for this, on the other hand, the State Governments are also offering subsidies to waiver of fees. All these factors together are making the electric vehicle market attractive and its prospects bright.

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preparation for the future

Due to increasing demand in this sector of future traffic, companies are emphasizing on hiring. Talking about the Indian EV market, EV companies like Hero Electric, MG Motor, Simple Energy, Yulu Bikes are looking for qualified candidates for various specialty positions. At present, there is a demand for posts like EV Technicians, Battery Recycling Experts, Software Developers in the EV market, apart from these people are also needed in manufacturing and engineering. Looking at the possibilities of the future, EV companies are not only hiring now, but are also focusing on preparing talent for the times to come in collaboration with educational institutions.

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These factors are accelerating growth

An ET report quoting India Energy Storage Alliance states that the EV industry can grow at a compound annual rate of 36 per cent. People themselves are also preferring electric vehicles instead of conventional fuels. Along with this, factors like policy focus, government incentives like subsidies, improvements in infrastructure including charging are accelerating the growth of the EV industry.

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Such is the atmosphere of recruitment

According to ET’s report, Hero Electric is hiring for EV design, battery management systems, IOTA, manufacturing, supply chain, charging infrastructure, software development and service mechanics. At the same time, Simple Energy is preparing to hire 1,500 people in the next financial year. It has been claimed in the news that 6 out of every 10 companies in the EV sector are planning to do hiring during the next six months.

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