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Egyptian TikToker Tala Safwan Arrested In Saudi Arabia Accused Of Posting…

Egyptian TikToker Immoral Video: In Saudi Arabia, Tala Safwan, a popular and influential face of Egypt’s social media, has been arrested for posting pornographic material. Tala Safwan, who has five million followers on TikTok and some 800,000 on YouTube, is alleged to have had a lesbian undertone in one of her recent videos. This video can be called pornographic. But in this regard, Safwan said that he had no intention of releasing such a video.

Police said – Safwan’s video will have a bad effect

Police in a conservative country known for its strictness have said that this video of Safwan can harm public morals. With her short dark hair and expressive face, the young blogger’s style shown in such vulgar and hot videos can impress teens.

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Police say that his TV show has been in headlines like Caichi and tabloids, mostly discussing the issues sent by his followers about relationships and embarrassing situations.

Tala Safwan is the dominant face

She jokes and takes on challenges just like many other successful content creators around the world. But recently one of his videos has given a very different reaction. In the video clip, she is seen talking to a female Saudi friend whom she invites to her home. His later comments have been described by some as sexually suggestive.

The video then triggered a massive campaign against him, with a hashtag trending on Twitter “Tala offends society”.

Tala said – it has been misunderstood

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To this Tala Safwan has responded that she was misunderstood and denied that her comments contained any homosexual subtext – a topic that is still publicly taboo in Saudi Arabia. He said that the clip was recorded by him for a scandal. It was taken out of context for the entire video.

Riyadh police arrested

As it all went viral on social media, police in Riyadh announced that they had arrested a local resident “who was speaking to another woman in a broadcast with sexual content and obscenity and who was accused of violating public morals”. could have a negative impact.” Police did not name Tala Safwan, but did include a clip of the video with his face and a blurry clip of his friend.

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This comes just days after the Saudi media regulator called for YouTube to remove ads it considers offensive to the country’s Muslim values ​​and principles. The regulator has threatened to take legal action if nothing is done. Following the announcement, some parents in Saudi complained that their children were being exposed to inappropriate content in ads broadcast on YouTube.

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