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Egyptian Border: Three Israeli soldiers killed in an encounter on the Egyptian border,…

Israel News: Three Israeli soldiers were killed in a shootout with police on the border between southern Israel and Egypt on Saturday (June 3). The Israeli army spokesman has confirmed the incident. Army spokesman Lt. Col. Richard Hecht said the fighting began after troops foiled an attempt to smuggle drugs across the border. 

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Tensions on the border after a decade 

The army said Egyptian police officers were killed in a second exchange of fire, in which a third Israeli soldier was killed. Hecht said the investigation is being conducted with the full cooperation of the Egyptian military. He said the army is looking for other possible attackers. The army spokesman said that after almost a decade, such an encounter has been seen on the Israel-Egypt border. The army said that there is also a woman among the soldiers killed. Lt. Col. Richard Hecht said criminals sometimes smuggle drugs across the border, while Islamic terrorist groups are also active in Egypt’s restive north Sinai. 

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Both countries accept the peace agreement 

Significantly, Israel and Egypt had signed a peace agreement in 1979. Since then there was always peace on the border. Such encounters are rare here. Relations between the two countries can be gauged from the fact that Israel built a fence along the porous border a decade ago to block the entry of African migrants and Islamic militants operating in Egypt’s Sinai desert.&nbsp ;

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