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effective remedies from Rajiv Dixit for uric acid control-Uric Acid:…

Uric acid is a natural waste product produced by the digestion of foods. Uric acid is present in the body of all of us, which is filtered by the kidney and expels it from the body. When the kidney is unable to filter the uric acid out of the body, then the level of uric acid in the body starts increasing. The increased uric acid starts accumulating in the form of crystals in the joints which causes pain in the joints and feet. Increased uric acid causes pain and swelling in the joints and legs.

If uric acid is increasing, then Rajiv Dixit, an ayurvedic specialist, has told some measures to control it, which can be overcome by adopting this problem. Rajiv Dixit is called the king of Ayurveda. He has given ayurvedic methods to cure physical ailments.

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Rajiv Dixit passed away on 30 November 2010 but his Ayurvedic remedies are present in the books. Let us know which remedies have been given by experts to control uric acid.

Why is uric acid formed? 103 toxins are made in our body, the reason for the formation of all the toxins is not digesting the food. If food is not digested, uric acid, cholesterol, LDL are formed in the body which makes the body sick. If we want to avoid such toxins, then first of all we have to take care of how to digest food.

If you eat 100 grams and digest only 100 grams, then your health report card is good. We have to take care how to digest food after eating food. If we eat food and digest it, then blood-flesh-feces-urine-fat-marrow will be formed from it and if we are not able to digest it, then toxins will be formed from it. Let us know what to do after eating food to digest it.

  • After eating food, solid and liquid paste is formed in the body. This process of becoming solid and liquid takes place in the stomach for one hour and thirty minutes. After one hour and thirty minutes, the juice starts to form for which water is needed. That’s why it is important to drink water only one and a half hours after having a meal. If you drink water one and a half hours after eating food, then the food will be easily digested and toxins will not be formed in the body.
  • You can drink water 48 minutes before a meal. It has been said to drink water for 48 minutes because after drinking water it takes 48 minutes for it to come in urine, so drink water after 48 minutes. You can drink as much water as you want after 48 minutes. If there is a cough in the middle of the meal, if the food is stuck or if the food is chilly, then you can drink water in between.
  • If you eat two types of food, like eating rice after eating wheat grain bread, then definitely drink some water in between. Our body has different types of engines to digest different types of food. If you are consuming two grains, then definitely drink some water in between. Your body will benefit by consuming a little water from the seeds of two grains.
  • You can have milk, juice or lassi after eating.
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