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Eat Cheese And Sleep This Job Will Pay You 81 Thousand Rupees

Eat Cheese And Sleep: At some point in everyone’s mind this thought comes that “I wish there was such a job, in which nothing had to be done and still you would get salary”. Many times the mind gets upset due to the running of the job and the back and forth. If you too are looking for such a comfortable job, then here we are going to tell you something interesting. Actually, a job company is offering $1000 (81,515 Indian Rupees) to eat cheese and sleep for the whole night. Meaning all you have to do is eat and sleep.

Eating and sleeping is the favorite work of most of the people and if they start getting money for this work, then brother! Then what’s the matter? There is a European theory which claims that eating cheese before sleeping can give you nightmares. A mattress review company has given some people a wonderful opportunity to test this European theory. The company is inviting people to study people’s sleep patterns and understand them better.

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The company said that “dairy dreamers will become our official cheese testers”. Actually, people participating in this trial will be asked to eat different types of things first. Then they will be asked to sleep. When they wake up, they will be asked how their sleep was affected after eating the cheese. The Sleep Junkie study is looking for 5 people who have to eat cheese every day before going to sleep for three months. People participating in the trial will have to reveal all the problems related to their sleep after eating cheese, such as how was the quality of sleep, how was the dream, how was the energy level for the whole day and whether eating cheese caused nightmares or nightmares. No etc.

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Different things will be given to eat

Every week the participants will be given a different type of cheese to eat. These include blue cheese, hard cheese, soft cheese and processed cheese. There will also be vegetarian and lactose free cheese options. Each participant has to eat a different thing every night before sleeping, that too for a week. This process will continue for three months. A break of one week will be given between the cheese trials, so that the results can be recorded accurately.

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Company needs such people

The company needs such people for the trial, whose age is at least 21 years. They should have a good understanding of smartwatches or fitness trackers, so that they can track sleep. Apart from this, only those who are able to sleep alone will be made a part of this trial. The person should not have any problem related to sleeping and should not have any kind of allergy to dairy or lactose.

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